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Missed testing

From: Jeremiah
Subject: Missed testing
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 23:14:53 +0000

I know this probably is not a popular premise but we really need to take
the time to actually test our example configurations prior to including
them in our releases.

For example if one were to go to the guixsd website and download the
current release, verify that it was correct, burn onto a DVD and attempt
to install with guix system init /etc/configuration/desktop.scm /mnt
--fallback results in the following error:

error: you may need these modules in the initrd for /dev/sda1: mptspi

hint: Try adding them to the 'initrd-modules' field of your
'operating-system' declaration, along these lines:

      ;; ...
      (initrd-modules (append (list "mptspi")

If you think this diagnostic is inaccurate, use the '--skip-checks'
option of 'guix system'

So if I copy the code into the file, it stops recognizing users but if I
--skip-checks the system installs but boots to a guile repl

It takes a bit to find ,help works and then ,bournish only to discover
no readline (so have to type everything by hand everytime) and no tab

Which would have been fine if less/more was available or that pipes (|)
worked or if cryptsetup was in the path

so I wouldn't have to type the following line:


Then I discover /dev/sda1 isn't even exist!!!

There is no documentation on how to mount and boot, let alone how to get
shepherd to prompt for credentials for the luks volume...

If nothing else we either need to include in the documentation how to
mount a luks volume and resume boot or ensure it works everytime.


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