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bug report / improvements

From: Nico Schottelius
Subject: bug report / improvements
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 10:01:43 +0100
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First of all, gnokki is a very good tool and I spent hours
playing around with it's logo designer.
Still there are some bugs/improvements to be done:

device / system informations:
- nokia 6110
- infrared
- linux 2.4.19

missing/bugs in gnokki-20021123:

- automatic download of contacts from sim/phone
- automatic dowload of sms
- when recieving new sms on mobile phone, should sync with gnokki
- segfaults on multilpy ctr+a (sms box)
- segfaults on re-choosing Inbox in sms menu
- some umlauts and other '@' is not converted correctly:
  oe,ae,ue,@ become '?'
- calendar sync does not work
- can we retrieve information found on the display while working with the
  keyboard interface ?
- uploading /designing ringtones via X interface would be nice  

This list looks like my internal TODO-list for gpm :)
Don't want to shock you, just tell what I am seeing.
I think the current state is more than wonderful of this projects!

As soon as I had more time I would spent it to help you, but as I am working
hard on gpm-1.20.1 and still have to be in hospital, time is not much.

I think I will try dialup/ppp connection via gnokiid in the next
days and then I'll send another report to you.


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