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Nokia 3410 support / development help

From: Bertrik Sikken
Subject: Nokia 3410 support / development help
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 18:22:18 +0100

Hi all,

I have a 3410. Even though it was not listed under supported phones,
I just tried xgnokii and it seems to work.
The version I'm using is gnokii-0.5.0-pre1.

I'm actually not quite sure what kind of cable I have.
It's a serial cable that fits under the battery, it says NOK 3310.
There's an F and an M embossed in the plastic.

Are people already working on support for the 3410?
If not, I won't mind hacking at it.

Don't know if these are bugs, but I ran into a couple of issues:

* communication generally seems slow (compared to LogoManager under
Windows for example)

* When going to the options menu, I got the following messages in the
address@hidden gnokii-0.5.0pre1]$ xgnokii
Event 21 failed with return code 11!
request: 0x02 / 0x0006
00 01 00 33 64 01                               |    3d
reply: 0x02 / 0x0004
01 0f 00 c9                                     |    É
Please read Docs/Reporting-HOWTO and send a bug report!
Event 11 failed with return code 24!

* Phonebook entries seem to be corrupted.

Kind regards,

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