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compiling gnokii under Win32/VisulC++6.0...

From: Cardascia Lorenzo
Subject: compiling gnokii under Win32/VisulC++6.0...
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 12:07:57 +0200

Hi all,
I just downloaded the 0.4.3 distribution in order to compile it under
VisualC++6.0 and had some problems during compiling...

1. I had some not defined routine errors for serial_nreceived() and
serial_flush() while it was compiling device.c file.
For these errors I followed Mark Lakata's suggestion (found in a
previous email of 18 Sept)
related to copy the serial_nreceived() and serial_flush() subroutines from
unixserial.c into winserial.c, and remove everything except the last
lines that return the no error flag.
Has anyone written the serial_nreceived() and serial_flush() routines
specifically for win32?
(...but this errors don't worry me because I can go on using Mark Lakata's

2. I had another not defined routine error for alloca() routine called
in m2bus.c file. The snippet code follows:

static GSM_Error M2BUS_SendMessage(u16 messagesize, u8 messagetype,
unsigned char *message)
        if ((out_buffer = alloca(messagesize + 8)) == NULL) {
                dprintf("M2BUS: transmit buffer allocation failed, requested %d 
messagesize + 8);
                return GE_MEMORYFULL;

Where is defined alloca() routine?
How can I do to solve that compiling error?
Perhaps I made a mistake, but Im not able to compile gnokii project if I
don't solve the rpoblem...

Let me know any suggestions, please.
Thanks a lot,

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