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Re: [Freetype] Where are there man/info pages?

From: Michael Still
Subject: Re: [Freetype] Where are there man/info pages?
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 10:41:25 +1000

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, David Turner wrote:

> Hello Michael,


> > I know that for me, when I can remember how Freetype calls work, or what
> > arguements they need, then it is a hassle to have to start up a web
> > browser.
> >
> another alternative is simply to look at the source headers, since they
> contain the documentation for each public function, in a very clear, legible
> and detailed format :-)

The way I do it for Panda, my API product, is that there is a formatted
comment before each function that might be external (in the C file that

> > If the documentation was written in docbook, then it is also possible to
> > automatically produce HTML, man and info pages. Perhaps this could be
> > considered?
> >
> The "DocMaker" tool is about 1600 lines of Python, most of them being
> about handling formatting and cross-references. Changing this script
> to output DocBook instead of HTML should probably be trivial.

They way that I got around this was to write a little perl script that
takes these comments and turns them into docbook XML, which I can then
easily turn into man pages. I would be happy to show people how to do
this. The script is available at, and is called

You mention formatted comments for the HTML. Perhaps my perl script can be
modified to understand your format as well. What is the definition of the
formatted comments?

I would be happy to spend a couple of hours looking at this sort of thing.


Michael Still (address@hidden) -- a whole bunch of Open Source stuff including PDF 

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