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[Freetype] Where are there man/info pages?

From: Alex Miller
Subject: [Freetype] Where are there man/info pages?
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 00:19:37 -0400

Hi folks,

According to my Progeny/Debian Linux installation
I have FreeType2 installed.

However, I can't find any man pages or info
pages for freetype, FreeType, freetype2,

I looked through the website, and it had a lot
of good information about what freetype2 does,
but I couldn't find an answer that I was hoping
to find in the man or info pages.

1) What directories do you add fonts in Linux?

2) Where are there configuration files?

3) Is there a font installer, that is, a program
to alert freetype2 that new font files have been
placed in a directory?

4) In general, where is the freetype documentation
stored, man pages? info pages? how-tos?

Thanks in advance,

Alex Miller

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