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[Freetype] Re: Where are there man/info pages?

From: Alan Shutko
Subject: [Freetype] Re: Where are there man/info pages?
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2001 12:27:09 -0400
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Alex Miller <address@hidden> writes:

> Either Xft can operate and deliver fonts to the display without freetype.


> Removing the installed freetype package will impact the behavior of
> Xft.


> 3) Is there a font installer, that is, a program to alert freetype2
> that new font files have been placed in a directory?

freetype is a library which is told where a font file is by an
application, and what to do with it.  Various programs which use
freetype implement their own font search paths and font installation
routines, usually all in different ways.

You'll have to check the documentation for all programs you'd like to
use a given font with, and follow all their procedures.  This is
definately a big problem with Linux, and maybe it will be fixed
someday, now that people are beginning to realize that the current
situation is a mess.

Alan Shutko <address@hidden> - In a variety of flavors!
Science is to computer science as hydrodynamics is to plumbing.

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