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Re: [O] Re: Using orgmode to take "inline notes" for research

From: Jeff Horn
Subject: Re: [O] Re: Using orgmode to take "inline notes" for research
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 11:33:46 -0400

2011/4/7 John Hendy <address@hidden>:
> I can't have something set up right. I was doubtful that I was going
> this source block thing right when Eric posted his suggestion for
> notes in code blocks. So, I pasted this into my org-mode file and
> evaluated it. Is that not what I'm supposed to do? At the top of the
> resultant pdf, I get:
> <snip>

Try pasting Seb's code into the *scratch* buffer, not the org-mode
buffer. Once you evaluate it in the scratch buffer, you should be to
make inline-tasks/headlines as normal and export to pdf to get the
style defined by the lisp code. From reading it, it should be the
headline content in small caps, followed by a line return, and text

If you like it, you can add the customizations to an init file, or use
the customize interface to set things up.

Jeffrey Horn

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