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Re: [Duplicity-talk] Purging, purge-full, not working?

From: Karl Buckland
Subject: Re: [Duplicity-talk] Purging, purge-full, not working?
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 11:24:46 +0100


Duply conf file (I've removed gpg_pw, target& user/pass):

Output of 'duply chronos status'

Output of 'duply chronos purge'

I get the same output from purge if I also supply any arguments.



On 22 August 2014 11:02, <address@hidden> wrote:
On 22.08.2014 11:52, Karl Buckland wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using Duply for a few months to backup up a handful of servers to Amazon S3. So far it's been working brilliantly.
> I'm running Debian Squeeze on all of them, which ships with Duply However I have also tried using the latest 1.8.0 in order to ensure that my issue hasn't already been fixed. I have the same issue with both versions (and the equivalent commands for each).
> Either I'm not using the purge commands properly, or it's not working.
> I currently have Duply set up to do a full backup once a month, with incrementals every day, with these settings:
> DUPL_PARAMS="$DUPL_PARAMS --full-if-older-than $MAX_FULLBKP_AGE "
> When I run the 'status' command, I can see:
> Full backups: April 27, June 18, Jul 19, Aug 19
> Incrementals: June 18 onwards
> This is correct, as I originally ran a full backup and then left it for a little while before getting it to run regularly.
> However, when I issue the 'purge' command, it lists out all files, full and incremental up to August 17th. I get this even if I issue the purge command as 'purge 3M' or 'purge 90D' or anything similar. It ignores my commands and appears to be ignoring the config file too?
> I see the same issues with the purgeFull 3 and purgeIncr 3 commands. They ignore the config file and the arguments passed to them and they list everything up until the last week or so.
> Have I misunderstood the commands and config file, or is there a legitimate issue?
> Thanks in advance for any assistance.

not sure if i understand properly. please send (attach, paste or pastebin)

- duply conf file (obfuscate private strings in it before)
- the complete output of 'duply <profile> status'
- the complete output of 'duply <profile> purge'


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