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Re: [Duplicity-talk] duplicity fails to do incremental backups on Ubuntu

From: Michael Baierl
Subject: Re: [Duplicity-talk] duplicity fails to do incremental backups on Ubuntu Feisty
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 08:51:34 +0100
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Travis H. wrote:
When I get my fileserver fully set up and have some room to start
doing online backups, I will probably start using duplicity, and given
that I am a python programmer (and cryptographer), and currently out
of work, I may take up some of the tasks here, time permitting.  If
someone who is familiar with the project could fill me in on the most
important problem areas, perhaps I could take care of some of them.
Wow, would be perfect and help out the project!

me that it did not find any valid signatures... and sometimes there is
the "broken pipe" error.

This happens when the program on the right of a pipeline exits before
the one to its left finishes writing.  I am going to guess that what
is happening here is that sftp is failing due to some sort of
temporary network problem, and so the commands in front of them are
generating this error.
I know, I know. But I'm doing this on localhost to a local disk :(

Anyone who wants to make any comments about what they think duplicity
needs most, now is the time to jump in and have your voice heard; I'll
read over the comments from here.
My 2 cents:
 -) provide a WebDav backend
-) should work more stable so signatures are found and broken pipe errors are gone -) should work stable within cygwin so the same tool can be used for Windows + Linux

If it's more stable it's a perfect tool!

Michael Baierl
mbaierl.com   http://mbaierl.com/
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