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Re: [cvg-moodle-devel] Code cleanup + Broken Animal?

From: Dr . Guido Rößling
Subject: Re: [cvg-moodle-devel] Code cleanup + Broken Animal?
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 10:42:57 +0200

Hi Juan,

> Don't worry, there is no reason to hurry.

good ;-)

> Actually that was the first problem that I had --guests not being able
> to access files-- and I removed the authentication code from the file
> serving code.

OK, so that removes one possible reason.

> I am making the tests on my own computer and I do not have an open  
> port
> to serve web-pages on it. Maybe Javier (who is also in this list) can
> build a Moodle instalation for this. Actually, I would not recommend  
> you
> to update an "in production" Moodle installation to the bzr version of
> vizcosh because some things are broken (lacking translation strings,  
> the
> "course backup" functionallity is not fully working, etc.).

I do not need to be able to access your server; having the  
(downloaded) JNLP file
would also be helpful - to make sure I can test for the right bug. I  
will then simply copy
a visualization on my web server (outside moodle) and serve it by PHP  
- that should
be "sufficiently compatible".

Best regards,


Dr. Guido Roessling

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