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Re: [cvg-moodle-devel] Code cleanup + Broken Animal?

From: Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente
Subject: Re: [cvg-moodle-devel] Code cleanup + Broken Animal?
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 00:22:34 +0200
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Dr. Guido Rößling wrote:
> Hi,
> thank you for your email - I am sorry for not replying any sooner, but  
> the upcoming exam for CS 1 (tomorrow morning...) is leaving me little  
> time to breathe, let alone do anything else.

Don't worry, there is no reason to hurry.

>> Also, there is a problem that I do not know how to fix. The animations
>> lAunch well (only tried Animal animations) but Animal goes "segfault"
>> (java.lang.NullPointerExpection) just after loading. The only cause I
>> can find for this is that the parameter path now looks like this:
>> http://some-site/vizcosh/dl_data.php?id=3 instead to a something like:
>> http://some-site/vizcosh/tmp/file.aml file. Anyway, this /should/  
>> work,
>> as actually visiting that address makes you download a .aml file (the
>> http connection headers are tuned up so the filename and everything is
>> ok). Maybe there is a problem in Animal visualization download code?  
>> Can
>> you Guido check it?
> Is there a web site where it is running like this? Or could you please  
> email me one of the generated JNLP file? (It does not matter much if  
> the site is not actually accessible) That will make debugging easier,  
> since I do not want to "update" my web server to something that may  
> not work :-)
> One guess might be that the file to be served cannot be accessed by  
> guests (i. e., if you are not logged in). That might be a good reason  
> for it to fail...

Actually that was the first problem that I had --guests not being able
to access files-- and I removed the authentication code from the file
serving code.

I am making the tests on my own computer and I do not have an open port
to serve web-pages on it. Maybe Javier (who is also in this list) can
build a Moodle instalation for this. Actually, I would not recommend you
to update an "in production" Moodle installation to the bzr version of
vizcosh because some things are broken (lacking translation strings, the
"course backup" functionallity is not fully working, etc.).



> Best regards,
> Guido
> --
> Dr. Guido Roessling
> address@hidden

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