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Re: Feature request/ideas

From: Frank Hemer
Subject: Re: Feature request/ideas
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 15:24:22 +0100
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On Wednesday 23 February 2005 00:31, Derek Price wrote:
> Frank Hemer wrote:
> | In response to an old thread/message from dec 04,
> | (http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-cvs/2004-12/msg00150.html) I
> | would like to add some suggestions:
> |
> | The cvsnt commitid feature for the log cmd is a very neet feature
> | because it allows to collect all versions that belong to a single
> | commit.
> Yes, this would be nice.

A patch will follow ...

> If your second part, above, were abstracted out such that the new
> revision-1 tag could be used anywhere CVS accepts two revision options
> (basically, diff & update/commit -j), then this format could also be
> used to concisely back out a commit or to merge a specific commit to a
> new location.
> It's possible that something like `.previous' would be a good special
> tag for this case since it doesn't intrude on the existing tag
> namespace, a la Steve Cameron's .trunk/.parent/.base patch that needs
> to be ported forward and committed someday.

Well I would like to take a look at this patch but I cannot find it, neither 
in the archives nor with google. Does anybody have an old copy lying around? 


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