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Re: Feature request/ideas

From: Frank Hemer
Subject: Re: Feature request/ideas
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 18:19:14 +0100
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> The patch looks pretty good.  It's pretty close to what I am doing,
> except I am splitting tags with operators (.word) on the `.' and then
> processing the resulting list an element at a time.  Thus .prev can be
> implemented for each and every revision specification type in a single
> location (as opposed to in a special case inside an `if (commitid)' block.
> Regardless, what you are doing should mesh pretty well with what I am
> working on once it has sanity.sh test cases and doc.

Ooops, I think I'm too fast;-)
I have just finished adding '.trunk' as a trunk-branch substitution, 'cause I 
happened to note that this fits perfectly into my patch.
I have already used the above mentioned splitting - so now '.prev' might even 
be added more than once and works perfectly well:-)

> I still think commitids should be cached in val-tags.  Probably as
> address@hidden' just to keep it short where the user cannot see it anyhow.

I currently have added this:

If tags with '@' at the begining are used they're added in the cvsnt way (I 
remember I wrote cvsnt wouldn't cache them but I was wrong).
If the .commitid is used, they're cached as '.commitid.xxx', but this could be 
changed as you suggested.

I'll post my patch after some more cleanups ... soon;-)

- The LinCVS Team -

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