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Maybe a bug in commit

From: Rodolfo Schulz de Lima
Subject: Maybe a bug in commit
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 20:28:52 -0300

> Well, since you've mentioned that, I've a doubt, but I don't know if it's
> bug or not. When you try to commit a file whose only thing that's changed
> its timestamp, cvs doesn't do anything (even an error message isn't
> displayed), and the file remains marked as changed, i.e., CVS/Entries
> updated to the timestamp of the file in repository. You need to do a cvs
> update -A <filename> to make the change. Is this the correct behavior,
> albeit a strange one? 

Well, all can be resumed to:

touch test.c
ls --full-time test.c
cvs add test.c
cvs commit -mTest test.c
sleep 5s
touch test.c
cvs commit -mTest test.c
ls --full-time test.c

According to what I'd expect, the last commit should change the timestamp of
test.c to match the timestamp of the head test.c in repository. I made a
little confusion in my last mail, CVS/Entries shouldn't be changed. 

The problem with the timestamps is more obvious when you use programs like
WinCVS, which shows graphically what the changed files are. It compares the
timestamp in CVS/Entries and the file's timestamp to see if the file has
changed. So, after committing a file with no changes inside, just a
timestamp change, it remains marked as changed.

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