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RE: Maybe a bug in commit

From: Rodolfo Schulz de Lima
Subject: RE: Maybe a bug in commit
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 21:53:12 -0300

> Rodolfo Schulz de Lima writes:
> >
> > According to what I'd expect, the last commit should change the
> timestamp of
> > test.c to match the timestamp of the head test.c in repository.
> Absolutely not!  CVS should never change the timestamp of anything
> except a newly-created file (not counting the natural setting of the
> timestamp to the current time when a file is modified).  Otherwise,
> things like make won't work correctly.  If anything, it should change
> the Entries file to match the timestamp (which is what update does).

You're absolutely right! At least we've agreed that something should be
changed. 'cvs status' does all this timestamp stuff. But commit should also
do in case of a simple timestamp change.

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