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RE: Another bug in "admin -m"

From: Rodolfo Schulz de Lima
Subject: RE: Another bug in "admin -m"
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 21:37:31 -0300

> Technically, you're looking for "unhid" ("hid" is the proper
> tense in this context).  But there's no such word in any tense.
> What you want is "exposed".  The opposite of hide is
> expose, not unhide.  Someone should clean up English to give
> us unhide etc.  The good news is if you can get your friends to
> use unhide enough, it becomes "proper English".

"uncover" would do better, thanks :) I just wish English were more regular.
One point for Portuguese!

> You don't want an error message when this is done.  Because
> if you have 10 files and you've changed 6 of them genuinely,
> but the other 4 you made a change, but then changed your mind,
> so reversed out the change, then you are left with 4 files that
> have changed their timestamp but there is no change.  You don't
> want an error on those 4 files.

Actually an error wouldn't do well as you said. My proposal is: when trying
to commit a file with no change in its data, just a timestamp change, make
its timestamp equal to CVS/Entries timestamp. As I said in another post,
programs that check for file change by comparing the timestamp in
CVS/Entries and the file's timestamp think that the file remains changed
after committing them (WinCVS for instance....)

> This may be a problem though.  I wonder if it is related to this
> one, which bit me?

I'll try to reproduce the problem in a repeatable fashion. I'll let you

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