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Re: RFC: Reworking server handling of case insensitive clients

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: RFC: Reworking server handling of case insensitive clients
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 07:59:04 -0400
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

| Derek Robert Price <address@hidden> writes:
| > admin
| > Called recursively, this command usually causes all archives to
| > be operated upon, regardless of whether they are in the Attic
| > or not.  This leaves some question about what this should mean
| > should the user reference a file in the sandbox by name.  It
| > could either be assumed that the user meant the file which was
| > checked out into the sandbox, as determined by the entry in
| > CVS/Entries, or it could mean all matching files in the
| > repository.  Actually allowing the operation on all matching
| > files in the repository is almost certainly the wrong thing to
| > do though a fatal error message may be reasonable, but matching
| > via CVS/Entries may not hurt.  I am leaning towards the
| > CVS/Entries match since this allows matches in some cases and
| > the alternative requires the repository to be repaired.
| >
| > ~  -b        !Attic
| I see a possible problem with "-b" if the file was imported and
| branched, but never actually on the main trunk, and so resides in the
| Attic, but the user needs/wants to change the default branch for commits
| to the latest branch taken. The workaround would be to use -bREV, but it
| might not be obvious to the user that this is what they need to do.

No, imported files are not in the Attic.  By definition, CVS keeps files
in the Attic if "they do not exist on the main trunk".  Since imported
files are checked out on the trunk, CVS does not store them in the Attic.

| > import
| > VENDOR-TAG exists in file, but if it doesn't exist, may match
| > any file and create VENDOR-TAG.
| Is there a specified search order for multiple files that could match,
| but do not yet have the vendor-tag?

I don't think this is relevant.  The whole list is stored and if
multiple files match then the "ambiguous file name" error is given, like
for add.  If only one file matches then it is altered, or in the case of
add, resurrected.

| > Regression Test Suite
| >
| > This is going to require some major overhaul to work correctly and
| > will also require being run on a system with both a case-sensitive and
| > case-insensitive file system available.
| Yeah, I wish it were not necessary, but I do not see any easy way to
| deal with this...

It really needs to be done if we plan on continuing the
case-insensitivity support.  The fact that the case-insensitivity code
is not being regression tested is the source of many of the errors that
have been cropping up in this code.

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