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Re: RFC: Reworking server handling of case insensitive clients

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: RFC: Reworking server handling of case insensitive clients
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 00:16:19 -0700

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Derek Robert Price <address@hidden> writes:

> admin
>         Called recursively, this command usually causes all archives to
>         be operated upon, regardless of whether they are in the Attic
>         or not.  This leaves some question about what this should mean
>         should the user reference a file in the sandbox by name.  It
>         could either be assumed that the user meant the file which was
>         checked out into the sandbox, as determined by the entry in
>         CVS/Entries, or it could mean all matching files in the
>         repository.  Actually allowing the operation on all matching
>         files in the repository is almost certainly the wrong thing to
>         do though a fatal error message may be reasonable, but matching
>         via CVS/Entries may not hurt.  I am leaning towards the
>         CVS/Entries match since this allows matches in some cases and
>         the alternative requires the repository to be repaired.
> ~  -b        !Attic

I see a possible problem with "-b" if the file was imported and
branched, but never actually on the main trunk, and so resides in the
Attic, but the user needs/wants to change the default branch for commits
to the latest branch taken. The workaround would be to use -bREV, but it
might not be obvious to the user that this is what they need to do.

> ~  -b"HEAD"    !Attic
> ~  -bREV        REV exists in file
> ~  -l[REV]    Per -b
> ~  -m REV:MSG    REV exists in file
> ~  -n TAG    TAG exists in file
> ~  -n TAG:    !Attic
> ~  -n TAG:"HEAD"    !Attic
> ~  -n TAG:REV    REV exists in file
> ~  -N TAG:[REV]    Per -n
> ~  -o range    REV1 and [REV2] exist in file.  This may be incorrect for
>         recursive operation.  If either is "HEAD", !Attic.
> ~  -s STATE:"HEAD"
>         !Attic.
> ~  -s STATE:REV    REV exists in file
> ~  -u[REV]    Per -b


> import
>         VENDOR-TAG exists in file, but if it doesn't exist, may match
>         any file and create VENDOR-TAG.

Is there a specified search order for multiple files that could match,
but do not yet have the vendor-tag?

> Regression Test Suite
> This is going to require some major overhaul to work correctly and
> will also require being run on a system with both a case-sensitive and
> case-insensitive file system available.

Yeah, I wish it were not necessary, but I do not see any easy way to
deal with this...

        -- Mark
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