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Re: RFC: Reworking server handling of case insensitive clients

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: RFC: Reworking server handling of case insensitive clients
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 08:45:03 -0400
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Paul Edwards wrote:

|"Derek Robert Price" <address@hidden> wrote in message
|>| I see a possible problem with "-b" if the file was imported and
|>| branched, but never actually on the main trunk, and so resides in the
|>| Attic, but the user needs/wants to change the default branch for commits
|>| to the latest branch taken. The workaround would be to use -bREV, but it
|>| might not be obvious to the user that this is what they need to do.
|>No, imported files are not in the Attic.  By definition, CVS keeps files
|>in the Attic if "they do not exist on the main trunk".  Since imported
|>files are checked out on the trunk, CVS does not store them in the Attic.
|I don't actually know what this conversation is about, but that's
|never stopped me jumping in with both legs before.
|If a file is added on a branch, it goes into the Attic.  After a
|subsequent import, the file remains in the Attic.
|Therefore, the situation described above, where a file is
|imported and branched, is possible.
|But I've no idea if this particular bit of information is relevant
|or not.
|One thing I'm quite sure of, is that the fact that files in the Attic
|go through exception coding and subject to various abnormal
|things, doesn't worry me in the slightest.  I'm one of the biggest
|supporters of flowers in the Attic.

Yes, but, currently, the subsequent import does not cause files to be
checked out as part of the trunk either, or am I mistaken?


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