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Re: [Yadab-devel] project and client paths

From: Henrik Sandklef
Subject: Re: [Yadab-devel] project and client paths
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 22:48:51 +0200
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On 04/13/2011 01:28 PM, Patrik Willard wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry that I am obsessing over the paths (the ones described as "Project
> dir" and "Client dir" in projects-results.txt)

A bit late in answering emails due to 40 reasons.

> However, I really need to know how "permanent" they are, i.e. where in
> the db to store them.
> Will they *ALWAYS* be the same for a specific client with a specific
> hostname handled by a specific host? Or can they change?

I think this is something we have to decide ... the two of us.

> What happens if you run clientA today, given client-dir "client1", but
> tomorrow you only run clientB (not clientA), what are the legal
> client-dir values for clientB? Is "client1" a legal value for clientB?
> If so, what would happen on a day when you run both clientA and clientB?
> As I see it, there are two places I can store the client dir path:
> 1. in the clients table, and then that would mean that until the end of
> time, ONLY that specific client, on that specific host, may have that
> dir path (another client on another host would be able to specify the
> same dir path)
> 2. in what is currently named the "results"-table, which makes the dir
> path valid only for this very specific build-session (this host, this
> client, this project, this date)
> Option 1 impose restrictions on the admins to give each client a unique
> dir path.

unique among the clients on the host

> Option 2 on the other hand would store "client dir path".length() bytes
> of data for each "result" (i.e. once for every project, multiplied by
> the clients that build it, multiplied by every date on which it was built)
> Option 1 is more elegant, while option 2 is more flexible.
> Of course, I could probably just store it all in the clients table
> (option 1) and if a specific combination (host, client, path) isn't in
> the table, add it.
> But that would come back and bite us in the caboodle big-time if the
> clients A and B from above would ever be up and running, processing the
> same project, on the same date.
> tl;dr: who decides the client dir names and how set in stone are they?

Arrgggg ... have to think

> /Patrik

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