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[Yadab-devel] project and client paths

From: Patrik Willard
Subject: [Yadab-devel] project and client paths
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 13:28:52 +0200
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Sorry that I am obsessing over the paths (the ones described as "Project
dir" and "Client dir" in projects-results.txt)

However, I really need to know how "permanent" they are, i.e. where in
the db to store them.

Will they *ALWAYS* be the same for a specific client with a specific
hostname handled by a specific host? Or can they change?

What happens if you run clientA today, given client-dir "client1", but
tomorrow you only run clientB (not clientA), what are the legal
client-dir values for clientB? Is "client1" a legal value for clientB?

If so, what would happen on a day when you run both clientA and clientB?

As I see it, there are two places I can store the client dir path:

1. in the clients table, and then that would mean that until the end of
time, ONLY that specific client, on that specific host, may have that
dir path (another client on another host would be able to specify the
same dir path)

2. in what is currently named the "results"-table, which makes the dir
path valid only for this very specific build-session (this host, this
client, this project, this date)

Option 1 impose restrictions on the admins to give each client a unique
dir path.

Option 2 on the other hand would store "client dir path".length() bytes
of data for each "result" (i.e. once for every project, multiplied by
the clients that build it, multiplied by every date on which it was built)

Option 1 is more elegant, while option 2 is more flexible.
Of course, I could probably just store it all in the clients table
(option 1) and if a specific combination (host, client, path) isn't in
the table, add it.

But that would come back and bite us in the caboodle big-time if the
clients A and B from above would ever be up and running, processing the
same project, on the same date.

tl;dr: who decides the client dir names and how set in stone are they?

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