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An XLog 'Log Editor'/Import question

From: Nick - WB5BKL
Subject: An XLog 'Log Editor'/Import question
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 20:07:50 -0600
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Running XLog 2.0.12 on Debian

I use XLog as my main logging program - but when I contest, I use N1MM.  When I finish a contest, I ask N1MM to export an .adi file which I then import into XLog.  Generally no problems.  However...

The XLog 'log editor' allows us to name two entry locations - originally both have the default name "UNKNOWN".  See* Screenshot1 (from the XLog manual) attached.

I have named one of these locations 'County' - again see* Screenshot2 (from my log editor) also attached.

If I export a log as an .adi file, these two entries look like this in the XLog created .adi file:


The problem I have is in attempting to _import_ an .adi file that has this information included.  It never seems to be imported.

For example, if I attempt to _import_ an .adi file that has this information as a part of a record:


I have had no luck in trying to get XLog to import that information.  I have tried asking XLog to export an .adi file containing the county information and then importing that file back into XLog - still with no success.

Am I missing something here - or is it just not possible to import information into one of these user-defined locations?

Sorry if I am not explaining this very well...


cln - Nick
Lake Buchanan, TX

*Note:  If this list rejects images, I can forward them directly.

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