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Re: Xlog and Hamlib-4

From: Barry Jackson
Subject: Re: Xlog and Hamlib-4
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2020 17:24:11 +0000
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On 31/10/2020 02:55, Andy Stewart wrote:

HI Barry,

The following stack worked for me:

* Andy's Ham Radio Linux, version 24c+ (my next dev release), which is based on Ubuntu 18.04.*

* Xlog 2.0.19

* hamlib-4.0-rc2

* ICOM 7300 on /dev/ttyUSB0

* I started with a blank ~/.xlog directory.

* I started Xlog and reconfigured hamlib, taking care to choose the updated rig number.

* When the POWER entry is listed in the QSO entry window, it will say UNKNOWN if the rig power is set to 0, but otherwise, it reflected the rig power setting.  Try ctrl-Y ctrl-K for a quick erase/update of the QSO entry window.

I was able to duplicate the condition of hamlib hanging xlog, but that always happens when you turn off the rig with hamlib enabled and Xlog is still running.  Xlog eventually comes out of it.  This isn't ideal, but it is nothing new for Xlog, either.  Turning the rig on again causes the software to be happy again.

Let me know if you continue to have issues.



Thanks Andy,
Sorry for the delay, been busy with other stuff.

The Hamlib daily snapshots are here:

I have been using these to keep up to date with the latest fixes etc. in the hope that something would solve the problem which is also affecting klog.

I will test new builds of xlog in a clean environment, and have noted the rig number changes.

I will also play with rigctl, however wsjtx is working OK.


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