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Re: [Xlog-discussion] announcing gpsk31 0.3 beta

From: KC1DI
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] announcing gpsk31 0.3 beta
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 14:58:13 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Thanks Bob,

Will give it a try

73 Dave 



-------Original Message-------


From: Bob Nielsen

Date: 10/19/05 14:27:52

To: address@hidden

Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] announcing gpsk31 0.3 beta


On Oct 19, 2005, at 9:47 AM, KC1DI wrote:


> Hi Joop and all,

> Downloaded the source of gpsk31 and when I try to configure it I

> get an error message saying that there is not an acceptable C

> compiler in the Path.. I'm using the Ubuntu release I've tried

> installing the C libraries but to no avail. I'm a fairly new

> linux user so can some one head me in the right direction?

> thanks & 73 Dave Kc1di






Try "apt-get install build-essential". This will get you gcc plus a

few other packages which you might need.


73, Bob N7XY








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