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Re: [Xlog-discussion] mia 746

From: Eric S. Johansson
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] mia 746
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 23:16:17 -0400
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Stephane Fillod wrote:

Ask Rein about it.

no worries, I will. I just need to find a terminal emulator which doesn't make tlf look like a refugee from the BBS world.

AFAIAC, I like GUI for general QSOs, and character oriented interfaces
for contesting, in text console. To me, general QSOs log and contest
logging are really different. But there's place enough on earth and
the space for different log applications. Your idea of loglib is
interesting. xlog has already a liblogfile (for log format support)
which average support. That would be nice to have a kind of libcontest
and the support for "skins" (either GUI or CO). Rein already has some
plan on the topic.

I should probably elaborate. Log lid that would provide all the functionality necessary to handle things like configuration files, packet cluster, spot analyzing, partial and full duplicate reporting, load file management (reading, writing, journaling, searching etc.).

For example, user interface could ask "show me all spots on the current band that are multipliers" and get back a list of spots with frequencies. This information could then be turned into a tabular form for the screen or a graphical form.

IMHO, we shouldn't try to move people, they will, by themselves, move over
if they'd like to. IOW, if people are happy with Windows, that's fine
for me. Personnaly, I run only Linux or *nix, develop stuff for me, and eventually give hand to newcomers.

I'm just thinking how I hear from a couple of hams that they don't want to move to Linux for hamradio because they don't have XXXX which usually translates to a favorite program with a GUI. no big deal. I was just being evangelical.

Excellent:) You will find the project on sourceforge, have a look at the
README.betatester and README.developer files, and feel free to ask any
question on the hamlib-developer mailing list.
A test report would be very appreciated. Patches are welcome too :)

OK. I will try to get to it tomorrow (Sunday). I still need to figure out why my homebrew ci-v interface is proving me to be a less than competent homebrewer. :-(

as for coming up with patches, I will try. Unfortunately, I am limited to the amount of programming I can do because almost ten years ago by ruined my hands from too many hours on the keyboard. As a result I use speech recognition most of the time (hence my signature) and limit my programming to Python because it's the most speech friendly programming language around.

okay, I won't spend the whole week-end on cqww, but I'll be looking for
your signals.

I think I saturated on the contest. I'm staying home Sunday to try and work out where the hell the address@hidden noise is coming from that wipes out my radio from 18 MHz on up.


Speech recognition in use.  Incorrect endings, words, and case is
closer than it appears

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