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[Xlog-discussion] Save as and GUI enhancements (xlog-0.7beta3)

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Save as and GUI enhancements (xlog-0.7beta3)
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 00:43:04 +0200

I have just uploaded the next beta to:


This version has a more consistent GUI, when switching from one
log to another, which is  independent of the order of the columns in the
logfile (Stephane, thanks for the idea, it's a great improvement).
Also, you can use 'Save as...' from the menu and try the supported
file formats: xlog, twlog and adif.

I guess 'save as twlog' needs a bit of work. The appearance of twlog
files saved by xlog are a bit different from those created by twlog
(should be easy to fix). 

Printing should work now and I have adapted the IPC remote logging
code to the new columns: name, qth, endtime and locator.

The adif support is great stuff!
Stephane, is there a way to avoid using empty columns in the log
when opening an adif file? We can of course open an adif file, show
all supported columns and then remove them with the log-editor, but
it would be much nicer if an opened log would show the exact amount
of columns as present in the adif file....

I am going to work on the log-editor next. This will also add 2 free
fields to the logs, which you can give any name.
The last item for version 0.7 will be dupe-checking. I think it would
be nice to also have cabrillo and editest support in 0.7.


Joop PA4TU

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