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Re: [Xlog-discussion] Save as and GUI enhancements (xlog-0.7beta3)

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] Save as and GUI enhancements (xlog-0.7beta3)
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 20:31:43 +0200

On Mon, 8 Apr 2002 00:03:46 +0200
Stephane Fillod <address@hidden> wrote:

> My main interest was in the ability to import twlog. I wrote the log_append 
> after the old twlog format (prior to 1.3 IIRC), the one with fixed width 
> columns.
> Let me know if you prefer the new format, with only one space between fields.

Never mind. We probably don't need 'Save As twlog' anyway. I just left it
in the dialog for people to test. I guess adif and cabrillo will be good
starting points for 'Save As'.

> > Printing should work now and I have adapted the IPC remote logging
> > code to the new columns: name, qth, endtime and locator.
> I haven't tested Printing and IPC. However, new columns work great!
> The PageDown/PageUp keys are okay, but Home/End keys have no effect.

Okay, will add Home/End. You are using the keypad, right? I have added
key definitions for the keypad PgUp/PgDn in the release you have tested.
Glad this works now.

> > Stephane, is there a way to avoid using empty columns in the log
> > when opening an adif file? We can of course open an adif file, show
> > all supported columns and then remove them with the log-editor, but
> > it would be much nicer if an opened log would show the exact amount
> > of columns as present in the adif file....
> There's no easy way. You may discover only on the last record of the
> file that an infrequent column is used. Too bad.

No Problemo. The log-editor can do it.

> > I am going to work on the log-editor next. This will also add 2 free
> > fields to the logs, which you can give any name.
> > The last item for version 0.7 will be dupe-checking. I think it would
> > be nice to also have cabrillo and editest support in 0.7.
> Please see attached patch. It adds the 2 new formats, plus various
> fixes. Please test and report me any incoherence with the specifications.

Thanks! I already have a working log-editor, which can show/hide columns.
It still needs a bit of work. When you create a new column in an existing log
and save it, you get a column filled with '(null)', so I would have to
initialize with empty strings.

> Joop, the Cabrillo format export would need the operator's callsign.
> Would it be possible to have it in the preferences?


> Misbehaviour report:
> * with several logs opened, "Close" from the Log menu closes only the
>   active log, which is fine. However, the Ctrl-Q shortcut closes all.

OK, should be easy to fix.

> * What is the expected behaviour of Up/Down keys? If one of the QSO edit
>   field has focus, and you press Up/Down, it will change selected QSO
>   to previous/next, and *also* the field focus!

Whoops, will check it out.

> * segfault: open a log file, select one QSO. Now close the log file.
>   The QSO is still in edit, so modify a field and then click update...

Thanks, will fix it.

> * "save as" does not check for over-writing existing file.

Ok, we should have a check.

> * the "Remark" field is set to RX(RST) with logs that don't have a remark 
>   column.

Will check it out.

> That's all for today :)
> Cheers,
>  Stephane F8CFE
> PS: btw, thanks Joop for having me added in the "About.." message box.

Sure thing. Should have done this in version 0.6, but I forgot.
I have been to the UK for work most of the week, so hardly any progress on
this side. The good news is I have ADSL now. We can start using CVS in the
near future. I would like to start using CVS with the 0.7 version sources.


Joop PA4TU

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