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[XBoard-devel] next steps after 4.4.3

From: Arun Persaud
Subject: [XBoard-devel] next steps after 4.4.3
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2010 12:00:44 -0700
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here are some thoughts about the next versions of XBoard/Winboard. At
the moment we have 3 branches:

* 4.4.x (stable): mostly for bugfixing and perhaps small new features...
* master: lots of new features, trying to close the gap between Winboard
and Xboard
* gtk: not usable yet

For the next steps I would say we should perhaps do another 4.4.x
release with only bugfixes, but mainly focus on unifying XBoard and
Winboard and then branch 4.5.x from master.
HGM already made a lot of changes towards moving things from Winboard to
XBoard and the other way around... areas we still need to work on are
for example

* unifying the documentation and have everything in a .texi file (and
generate windows compatible html-help files from there) or perhaps a RST
file from where we can produce .texi and the windows html help files.
* unifying key-bindings. Use standard gtk key-bindings for things like
save, quit, preferences, so that users in 4.5.x won't have to change
habits again when we move to gtk. Have windows and unix use the same
keybindings for everything.
* unify menu entries

What do you all think?

If people want to help out with any of this, or have other agendas they
would like to see developed in XBoard/Winboard...  let us know.


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