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[XBoard-devel] autoconf problem

From: Arun Persaud
Subject: [XBoard-devel] autoconf problem
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 10:16:32 -0700


HGM found a problem with the autoconf tools:

> PRODUCT and PATCHLEVEL remain undefined, and VERSION is set to "4.4.0j".
> The way it is supposed to work is that VERSION = 4.4, and PATCHLEVEL = 0j.
> PRODUCT should be set to XBoard.

I had a look at it and autoconf automatically defines variables for these:

PACKAGE_NAME    Exactly package.
PACKAGE_TARNAME    Exactly tarname.
PACKAGE_VERSION    Exactly version.
PACKAGE_STRING    Exactly `package version

in out case config.h has these as:

/* Name of package */
#define PACKAGE "xboard"

/* Define to the address where bug reports for this package should be sent. */
#define PACKAGE_BUGREPORT "address@hidden"

/* Define to the full name of this package. */
#define PACKAGE_NAME "xboard"

/* Define to the full name and version of this package. */
#define PACKAGE_STRING "xboard 4.4.0j"

/* Define to the one symbol short name of this package. */
#define PACKAGE_TARNAME "xboard"

/* Define to the version of this package. */
#define PACKAGE_VERSION "4.4.0j"

If everyone is ok with this, I'll replace all PRODUCT, PATCHLEVEL and VERSION 
with the above for XBoard and WinBoard.


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