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Re: [XBoard-devel] WB installer, detailed proposal

From: h.g. muller
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] WB installer, detailed proposal
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 17:38:18 +0200

I now posted what I think would be a good bundle for distribution of the WinBoard
executable, at http://home.hccnet.nl/h.g.muller/installer.zip .

It currently totals almost exactly 3MB. This is including PSWBTM (~1MB), and
several engines for normal and variant Chess:

~/Fairy-Max/fmax (normal, capablanca, gothic, courier, knightmate, super, great, berolina, cylinder)
~/Fairy-Max/Shamax  (shatranj)
~/Fairy-Max/MaxQi  (xiangqi)
~/Fruit/Fruit_21   (normal, UCI engine)
~/Pulsar/Pulsar2007-9e-65 (normal, fischerandom, wildcastle, nocastle, losers, suicide, giveaway, twokings, 3check, atomic)
~/joker/joker80    (gothic)
~/joker/jokerKM    (knightmate)
~/EleEye/ELEEYE  (xiangqi, UCCI engine)
~/HQ/HaQiKiD    (xiangqi)

I planned to have the first four included in the minimal install The Fairy-Max derivaives are tiny (like 20KB a piece), and Fruit is important as a sample UCI engine, and measures only 180KB. (47K + 127K after compression.)

Pulsar, the two Joker versions and the Smirfoglot adapter could go into a variantist profile (151K + 73K + 5K compressed).

Elephant Eye and HaQiKi D with the big Xiangqi-board bitmap & book would go into the Xiangqi profile.
(178K + 14K + 200K + 60K compressed).

Finally, the PSWBTM stuff should be optional under the Engine collector / tester profile.

So we have a minimal install of about 1.3MB (zipped), and three optional additions. Only the PSWBTM addition is truly large. To keep things simple we could consider to put the 225K for the variantist profile and the 450K of the Xiangqi profile always in the download, and only make the extraction optional.

I am in doubt about the PSWBTM part. Perhaps we should not distribute that at all from the GNU website, and only distribute a "Gold Pack" including it from the WinBoard forum, as we do now. It seems a bit big,
and of too limited use, to include it always in the download.

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