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[XBoard-devel] WB installer, detailed proposal

From: h.g. muller
Subject: [XBoard-devel] WB installer, detailed proposal
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 11:55:03 +0200

Files to be included in the install. The dirctory "chess" sould be made only if it is not pre-existing,
and the name should be user-selectable. (The idea is that the user installs in the folder where he
normally keeps all his engine folders.) To get a better idea what we are talking about, I listed the
sizes (and zipped sizes in parentheses) in KB with each component. (Note I remembered the
size of Polyglot.exe wrong; it is in slightly larger than I remembered, but still only 8% of WB.)

Minimal Install:

chess/                                  0
chess/winboard/                         0
chess/winboard/winboard.exe          1277  (446)
chess/winboard/winboard.ini            10    (3)
chess/winboard/winboard.hlp           186   (63)
chess/winboard/FAQ.html                75   (24)
chess/winboard/theme1.ini               1    (1)
chess/winboard/polyglot.exe            84   (42)
chess/winboard/default_book.bin       663  (377)
chess/winboard/timeseal.exe            48   (22)
chess/winboard/timestamp.exe           52   (24)
chess/winboard/textures/wood_l.bmp     48   (18)
chess/winboard/textures/wood_d.bmp     48   (25)
chess/PSWBTM/                           0
chess/bitbases/                         0
chess/nalimov/                          0
chess/Fairy-Max/                        0
chess/Fairy-Max/fmax.exe               19    (9)
chess/Fairy-Max/fmax.ini               16    (5)
windows/fonts/chessmark.ttf            50   (14)

Program Files -> WinBoard -> WB StartUp Dialog
Program Files -> WinBoard -> Game Viewer
Program Files -> WinBoard -> Chess Server - FICS
Program Files -> WinBoard -> Chess Server - ICC
Program Files -> WinBoard -> Help
Program Files -> WinBoard -> UnInstall

Extras for engine testers:

chess/PSWBTM/PSWBTM.exe              2416 (923)
chess/PSWBTM/config.pswbtm              1   (1)
chess/PSWBTM/engines.pswbtm             1   (1)
chess/PSWBTM/ntls.pswbtm                1   (1)
chess/PSWBTM/README.txt                 7   (3)
chess/PSWBTM/positions/                 0
chess/PSWBTM/positions/nunn.pgn         6   (1)
chess/PSWBTM/positions/silver.pgn       5   (2)
chess/PSWBTM/doc/                       0             (total docs 74 (52))
chess/PSWBTM/doc/configure.html         3   (2)
chess/PSWBTM/doc/install.html          10   (4)
chess/PSWBTM/doc/running.html           5   (2)
chess/PSWBTM/doc/tourney.html           6   (3)
chess/PSWBTM/doc/UCI.html               8   (3)
chess/PSWBTM/doc/conf.png               3   (3)
chess/PSWBTM/doc/eman.png               7   (6)
chess/PSWBTM/doc/menu.png               5   (4)
chess/PSWBTM/doc/PGfruit.png           10  (10)
chess/PSWBTM/doc/pswbtm.png             6   (5)
chess/PSWBTM/doc/tour.png              11  (10)
chess/PSWBTM/games                      0

Extras for engine collectors (perhaps selectable by engine):

chess/Crafty/...                       ~6MB
Chess/GNUChess5/...                     4MB (or 5.8MB, with cygwin1.dll)
chess/Toga/...                          ?
chess/Glaurung/...                      ?

  MODIFIES FILES (is this possible?)

Program Files -> WinBoard -> Crafty
Program Files -> WinBoard -> Toga
Program Files -> WinBoard -> Glaurung

Extras for Variantist profile:

chess/joker/Joker80.exe                59  (28)
chess/joker/JokerKM.exe                52  (26)
chess/SMIRF/                            0
chess/SMIRF/Smirfoglot.exe             14   (6)
chess/Fairy-Max/ShaMax.exe             16   (9)
chess/Fairy-Max/MaxQi.exe              15   (8)
chess/Fairy-Max/qmax.ini                1   (1)


Program Files -> WinBoard -> Gothic Chess

Extras for XiangQi profile:

chess/winboard/UCCI2WB.exe             40  (19)
chess/winboard/QH2WB.exe               15   (5)
chess/winboard/xq_book.bin            109  (60)
chess/winboard/textures/xq.bmp        634 (201)
chess/Fairy-Max/MaxQi.exe              15   (8)
chess/Fairy-Max/qmax.ini                1   (1)
chess/HaQi/                             0
chess/HaQi/HaQiKiD.exe                 30  (12)
windows/fonts/XIANGQI.ttf              12   (6)

The minimal install contains, next to winboard.exe and necessary documentation, some empty folders (to guide people where to put things in such a way that the supplied winboard.ini file makes WinBoard automatically find them; takes no space anyway), and some components the user might or might not need, but which are too small to justify driving up the complexity of the installation procedure by making them optional (timeseal, Polyglot, Fairy-Max, etc.). The main question mark is the opening book here; the mentioned book drives up the download size by 50%, and people that would never. I think the mentioned book is affordable; if not, we could make a smaller one. But I would like to include at least one book, no matter how small, so the book options of WinBoard will work.
I think the board-texture bitmaps are affordable, now that I shrunk them to 129x129 (the largest WB square size). This means that at this size all squares would look the same, but with backTextureMode=2 this can be partly disguised, and at smaller board sizes (which most people use) there still is some variety in how the squaes are cut out of the bitmap. Perhaps we should even supply a second theme, next to the wood (e.g. marmoleum), and a second font as well.

Engine-testers get a separate profile because PSWBTM, (which would be completely useless for those that do not want to run complex engine-engine tourneys) is twice the size of WinBoard.

Chess engines in gneral are huge in comparison with anything else, especially if we would ship them with their native books. Even a package that contains only a single engine such as Crafty or GNU Chess is dedicated for 80-90% size-wise to that engine. It thus woud have more the character of a Crafty or a GNU Chess package, that includes WinBoard as an afterthought and minor component, just in case someone wouldn't have it, than of a WinBoard distribution. IMO this is a very good reason not to include such engines. Let the engine suppliers take care of the distribution of their engines, and let people interested in a particular engine get it from its source. Definitely no reason to force them on, say, ICS users, whuch will likely never use them. So they shoud be optonal at best.

The Variantist profile is separate, not because the componets are so big, but because they are very specialized, and virtualy no one would want them.

The XiangQi profile is separate mainly because the bitmap for the XiangQi board is rather large. This could be prevented by not using a wood-texture board, but an even-colored board in stead. This would compress to almost nothing. If we want to expand our market share in Asia, we should definitely consider to make the XIANGQI font and such a highly compressible board bitmap, plus MaxQi as engine and UCCI2WB as adapter part of the minimal install. The number of Xiangqi players work-wide is much larger than the number of Chess players!

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