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[Targnum-translating] credits (slash), last episode

From: the duke
Subject: [Targnum-translating] credits (slash), last episode
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 18:59:11 -0700
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Nadav Har'El wrote:

On Sat, Jul 12, 2003, Tsahi Asher wrote about "Re: credits (slash)":
(on the Q key of PC keyboards) is the forward slash. for some reason I
didn't see any refference to it in the punctuations pages of the Shweika
Hamilon Hashalem or the Even-Shoshan dictionaries, which suggests it's
not even a hebrew punctuation mark. it worth asking the hebrew academy
about that.

I'm holding in my hand the Academia's official guide to punctuation, the
2002 reprint of the 1993 article "כללי הפיסוק" (from לשוננו לעם, מחזור מד
חוברת ד). The slash is not mentioned there even once, leading me to believe
that indeed the slash has no place in standard Hebrew.

But in any case, I agree that if any sort of slash is to be used in Hebrew,
it must be the normal, forward slash, looking exactly like the one used in
English, unreversed. Just like Hebrew does not reverse the look of other
punctiuation like the comma (or even question mark), it should not reverse
the look of the slash. This is simply the accepted Hebrew typesetting practice.

Frankly, I'm not even sure why ASCII or the standard keyboards chose to
have the backward-slash, as English doesn't use the backward-slash
character either (as far as I know).
OK, I accept the "forward slash" claim due to the following arguments:
1) the ministry of education document specifically uses the forward-slash, without any mentioning of another type of slash.
2) all slashes I could find in the newspaper are forward slashes
3) question mark and comma are not originally hebrew, and don't get reversed, the same rule apply for the non-hebrew slash 4) the slash has a too well known meaning of "or" to be ignored. so it should be considered imported into hebrew, like the question mark. 5) only the forward slash appears on keyboards on different keys, for different character sets (hebrew and english), while the backslash is english only.

so I declare GNU/Linux being "גנו/לינוקס"

Gil, please fix it in Carmel.
one issue solved.

       the duke
        TarGNUm mini-project

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