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[Targnum-translating] Re: [Fwd: Re: exact meaning of "GNU general public

From: the duke
Subject: [Targnum-translating] Re: [Fwd: Re: exact meaning of "GNU general public license"]
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 14:35:12 -0700
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Eliran Gonen wrote:

the duke <address@hidden>:
or http://www.gnu.org.il/gnu/manifesto.he.html for the translation).


There's a broken in link in that link. In the bottom of the page
there's Return to the main page (daf habait shel gnu) - the address is
file://home.he.html and not home.he.html on the current directory.
oops! you're right, I'll fix it and update the editor (Moran, that's you).
thanx for notifying us!

BTW where can I find the page with the list of translations ?
I hope to publish those in the TarGNUm page (http://targnum.gnu.org.il),
but currently they are sent every two weeks to the TarGNUm members together with the semi-monthly status report. I think the last report (the 20'th report) was also sent to you. if you didn't get it, I can resend it to you.

here's the relevent part:

The pages to translate list (not by any order)
(New entries in the list are marked with **)

*Brief history of the GNU Project (/gnu/gnu-history.html)
*The X Windows Trap  (/philosophy/x.html)
**The Netscape Public License has serious problems. (/philosophy/netscape-npl.html)
**Is Microsoft the Great Satan? (/philosophy/microsoft.html)
**On the Microsoft Verdict (http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/microsoft-verdict.html) **The Microsoft Antitrust Trial and Free Software (/philosophy/microsoft-antitrust.html)

(usually 7 documents, only six given here , since one document was translated since then)

(remember: first to ask, wins!)
You are welcome to offer pages which you would like to translate and don't appear on the list.

It is advisable that as a starter you'll choose a short document, it will help you get it done quickly, and it will help us decide what kind of documents your translation style fits most.

I have some free time now and I wish to choose a file.

just one comment:
As you saw in the TarGNUm page, TarGNUm uses Carmel (http://linbrew.sourceforge.net/carmel/index.php) as it's word-list. So for your TarGNUm related translations we prefer you to use TarGNUm as the standard for word-translation, even in cases you don't agree with the possibilities given there (in which case you can join Carmel and it's discussion list, and change these translation in Carmel. Then we will be happy to correct the TarGNUm translations according to the new standard.) You also choose not to use the possibilities given in Carmel, but in most cases, the editor of your document will fix them to those in Carmel as part of the edition (standartizing the document is part of the editor's job).

This comment is Given here since we've had some loud discussions in the team lately about the issue, which took place after one of us refused to use Carmel as a standard, and refused for editors to change his documents to align to that standard, since he felt it restricts his freedom. This makes it quite hard for TarGNUm to use his documents in the translated site.
I just wanted to make sure you are aware of those issues.
In case you have any question or objection let me know.
Please make sure you agree with the TarGNUm standards before translating, so we won't have a case of translations we can't publish due to translator's objection.

and thanx for helping!

   the duke
   TarGNUm mini-project

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