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www/philosophy/po censoring-emacs.ja.po

From: NIIBE Yutaka
Subject: www/philosophy/po censoring-emacs.ja.po
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2012 23:25:56 +0000

CVSROOT:        /web/www
Module name:    www
Changes by:     NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe>   12/06/05 23:25:56

Added files:
        philosophy/po  : censoring-emacs.ja.po 

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        Add Japanese Translation


Index: censoring-emacs.ja.po
RCS file: censoring-emacs.ja.po
diff -N censoring-emacs.ja.po
--- /dev/null   1 Jan 1970 00:00:00 -0000
+++ censoring-emacs.ja.po       5 Jun 2012 23:25:30 -0000       1.1
@@ -0,0 +1,271 @@
+# Japanese translation of http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/censoring-emacs.html
+# Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the gnu.org articles.
+# Masayuki Hatta <address@hidden>, 2002.
+# NIIBE Yutaka <address@hidden>, 2012.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: censoring-emacs.html\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-01-27 11:49+0900\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-06-06 08:20+0900\n"
+"Last-Translator: NIIBE Yutaka <address@hidden>\n"
+"Language-Team: Japanese <address@hidden>\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Language: ja\n"
+#. type: Content of: <title>
+msgid "Censoring My Software, by Richard Stallman"
+#. type: Content of: <h2>
+msgid "Censoring My Software"
+msgstr "自分のソフトウェアを検閲する"
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"by <a href=\"http://www.stallman.org/\";><strong>Richard Stallman</strong></a>"
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid "[From Datamation, March 1 1996]"
+msgstr "[Datamation 1996年3月1日号より転載]"
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"Last summer, a few clever legislators proposed a bill to &ldquo;prohibit "
+"pornography&rdquo; on the Internet. Last fall, the right-wing Christians "
+"made this cause their own. Last week, President Clinton signed the bill. "
+"This week, I'm censoring GNU Emacs."
+msgstr ""
+"週わたしはGNU Emacsを検閲しています。"
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"No, GNU Emacs does not contain pornography. It's a software package, an "
+"award-winning extensible and programmable text editor. But the law that was "
+"passed applies to far more than pornography. It prohibits &ldquo;"
+"indecent&rdquo; speech, which can include anything from famous poems, to "
+"masterpieces hanging in the Louvre, to advice about safe sex &hellip; to "
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"Naturally, there was a lot of opposition to this bill. Not only from people "
+"who use the Internet and people who appreciate erotica, but from everyone "
+"who cares about freedom of the press."
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"But every time we tried to tell the public what was at stake, the forces of "
+"censorship responded with a lie: They told the public that the issue was "
+"simply pornography. By embedding this lie as a presupposition in their other "
+"statements about the issue, they succeeded in misinforming the public. So "
+"now I am censoring my software."
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"You see, Emacs contains a version of the famous &ldquo;doctor program,"
+"&rdquo; a.k.a. Eliza, originally developed by Professor Weizenbaum at <abbr "
+"title=\"Massachusetts Institute of Technology\">MIT</abbr>.  This is the "
+"program that imitates a Rogerian psychotherapist. The user talks to the "
+"program, and the program responds&mdash;by playing back the user's own "
+"statements, and by recognizing a long list of particular words."
+msgstr ""
+"ます。Elizaとしても知られるこのプログラムは元々<abbr "
+"title=\"Massachusetts Institute of Technology\">MIT</abbr>の"
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"The Emacs doctor program was set up to recognize many common curse words and "
+"respond with an appropriately cute message such as, &ldquo;Would you please "
+"watch your tongue?&rdquo; or &ldquo;Let's not be vulgar.&rdquo; In order to "
+"do this, it had to have a list of curse words. That means the source code "
+"for the program was indecent."
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"So this week I removed that feature. The new version of the doctor doesn't "
+"recognize the indecent words; if you curse at it, it replays the curse back "
+"to you&mdash;for lack of knowing better. (When the new version starts up, it "
+"announces that it has been censored for your protection.)"
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"Now that Americans face the threat of two years in prison for indecent "
+"network postings, it would be helpful if they could access precise rules for "
+"avoiding imprisonment via the Internet. However, this is impossible. The "
+"rules would have to mention the forbidden words, so posting them on the "
+"Internet would violate those same rules."
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"Of course, I'm making an assumption about just what &ldquo;indecent&rdquo; "
+"means.  I have to do this, because nobody knows for sure. The most obvious "
+"possible meaning is the meaning it has for television, so I'm using that as "
+"a tentative assumption. However, there is a good chance that our courts will "
+"reject that interpretation of the law as unconstitutional."
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"We can hope that the courts will recognize the Internet as a medium of "
+"publication like books and magazines. If they do, they will entirely reject "
+"any law prohibiting &ldquo;indecent&rdquo; publications on the Internet."
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"What really worries me is that the courts might choose a muddled half-"
+"measure&mdash;by approving an interpretation of &ldquo;indecent&rdquo; that "
+"permits the doctor program or a statement of the decency rules, but "
+"prohibits some of the books that any child can browse through in the public "
+"library. Over the years, as the Internet replaces the public library, some "
+"of our freedom of speech will be lost."
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"Just a few weeks ago, another country imposed censorship on the Internet. "
+"That was China. We don't think well of China in this country&mdash;its "
+"government doesn't respect basic freedoms. But how well does our government "
+"respect them? And do you care enough to preserve them here?"
+msgstr ""
け自由を重視していると言えるのでしょう? そ"
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid "[This paragraph is obsolete:]"
+msgstr "「このパラグラフは古いものです:]"
+#. type: Content of: <p>
+msgid ""
+"If you care, stay in touch with the Voters Telecommunications Watch.  Look "
+"in their Web site http://www.vtw.org/ for background information and "
+"political action recommendations. Censorship won in February, but we can "
+"beat it in November."
+msgstr ""
+"もし配慮するならば、折に触れてVoters Telecommunications 
http://www.vtw.org/ にはこの問題の背景や"
+#. TRANSLATORS: Use space (SPC) as msgstr if you don't have notes.
+#. type: Content of: <div>
+msgstr " "
+#. type: Content of: <div><p>
+msgid ""
+"Please send FSF &amp; GNU inquiries to <a href=\"mailto:address@hidden";
+"\"><em>address@hidden</em></a>.  There are also <a href=\"/contact/\">other "
+"ways to contact</a> the FSF."
+msgstr ""
+"FSFおよびGNUに関する問い合わせは <a 
+#. type: Content of: <div><p>
+msgid ""
+"Please send broken links and other corrections (or suggestions) to <a href="
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Content of: <div><p>
+msgid ""
+"Please see the <a href=\"/server/standards/README.translations.html"
+"\">Translations README</a> for information on coordinating and submitting "
+"translations of this article."
+msgstr ""
+"translations.html\">翻訳 README</a>をご覧ください。"
+#. type: Content of: <div><p>
+msgid "Copyright &copy; 1996 Richard Stallman"
+msgstr "Copyright &copy; 1996 Richard Stallman"
+#. type: Content of: <div><p>
+msgid ""
+"This page is licensed under a <a rel=\"license\" href=\"http://";
+"creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/us/\">Creative Commons Attribution-"
+"NoDerivs 3.0 United States License</a>."
+msgstr ""
+"This page is licensed under a <a rel=\"license\" href=\"http://";
+"creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/us/\">Creative Commons Attribution-"
+"NoDerivs 3.0 United States License</a>."
+#. TRANSLATORS: Use space (SPC) as msgstr if you don't want credits.
+#. type: Content of: <div><div>
+msgstr " "
+#.  timestamp start 
+#. type: Content of: <div><p>
+msgid "Updated:"
+msgstr "最終更新:"

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