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Re: [Wp-mirror-list] Wp-mirror-list post from address@hidden requires ap

From: wp mirror
Subject: Re: [Wp-mirror-list] Wp-mirror-list post from address@hidden requires approval
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2015 05:30:37 -0400

Dear David,

Thanks for your e-mail.

1) local.conf

I created a `local.conf' file containing the three lines given in your e-mail, and ran `wp-mirror --info'. This emitted the WARNING messages that you mention, but did not throw the error that you saw as your last line of output.

That said, the error you report looks very much like that thrown by a missing apostrophe. Please try:

(shell)$ clisp -q -q
[1]> (defparameter *mirror-project-list* '("wikipedia" "wiktionary"))
[2]> (defparameter *mirror-project-list* ("wikipedia" "wiktionary"))

*** - EVAL: "wikipedia" is not a function name; try using a symbol instead
The following restarts are available:
USE-VALUE      :R1      Input a value to be used instead.
ABORT          :R2      Abort main loop
Break 1 [3]> :r2
[4]> (quit)

Note that the apostrophe given in line [1] is missing in line [2]. I think that this reproduces the error that you report.

So please take a close look at your `local.conf' and let me know if you find anything.

2) Command line options

I have fallen into the habit of using command line options as an alternative to editing `local.conf'. Please try the following: Restore the default `local.conf', and then try:

(root-shell)# wp-mirror --add enwiktionary
(root-shell)# wp-mirror --mirror

If that works, and you have 3T of storage, then try:

(root-shell)# wp-mirror --add enwiki
(root-shell)# wp-mirror --mirror

Please let me know how this works for you.

Sincerely Yours,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 11:55:18 -0700
Subject: mirroring en.wikipedia
I have followed the instructions in http://www.nongnu.org/wp-mirror/ and successfully mirrored commonswiki, simplewiki, simplewiktionary.  I want to mirror en.wikipedia.org, and don't seem to be smart enough to follow the instructions.

Here is my local.conf:
(defparameter *wikimedia-site-xdump* "http://dumps.wikimedia.org/")
(defparameter *mirror-project-list* '("wikipedia" "wiktionary"))
(defparameter *mirror-language-code-list* '("en"))

if I run sudo wp-mirror --info, I get many warnings of the sort

WARNING: The generic function
         #<standard-generic-function process-source-registry> is being
         modified, but has already been called.

The last line of this output is  "*** -eval: "wikipedia" is not a function name; try using a symbol instead.

Can anyone help?  I will pay if we can succeed.


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