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[Wp-mirror-list] mirroring en.wikipedia

From: David
Subject: [Wp-mirror-list] mirroring en.wikipedia
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 11:55:18 -0700
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I have followed the instructions in http://www.nongnu.org/wp-mirror/ and successfully mirrored commonswiki, simplewiki, simplewiktionary.  I want to mirror en.wikipedia.org, and don't seem to be smart enough to follow the instructions.

Here is my local.conf:
(defparameter *wikimedia-site-xdump* "http://dumps.wikimedia.org/")
(defparameter *mirror-project-list* '("wikipedia" "wiktionary"))
(defparameter *mirror-language-code-list* '("en"))

if I run sudo wp-mirror --info, I get many warnings of the sort

WARNING: The generic function
         #<standard-generic-function process-source-registry> is being
         modified, but has already been called.

The last line of this output is  "*** -eval: "wikipedia" is not a function name; try using a symbol instead.

Can anyone help?  I will pay if we can succeed.


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