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[Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/misc/fortunes wesnoth

From: James Spencer
Subject: [Wesnoth-cvs-commits] wesnoth/misc/fortunes wesnoth
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 07:10:40 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/wesnoth
Module name:    wesnoth
Changes by:     James Spencer <address@hidden>  05/01/29 12:10:40

Modified files:
        misc/fortunes  : wesnoth 

Log message:
        Add a few of my own, if you dislike my humour feel free to remove them 


Index: wesnoth/misc/fortunes/wesnoth
diff -u wesnoth/misc/fortunes/wesnoth:1.2 wesnoth/misc/fortunes/wesnoth:1.3
--- wesnoth/misc/fortunes/wesnoth:1.2   Sun Jan 16 10:41:22 2005
+++ wesnoth/misc/fortunes/wesnoth       Sat Jan 29 12:10:40 2005
@@ -27,5 +27,25 @@
 Playing Wesnoth is always a lose-lose situation for me. If I lose, then... 
that's bad. If I win, then I think the AI isn't good enough. -- Sirp
-18:45 < Shade> BfW is like crackware, every time you come back there's a new
-               version...
+< Shade> BfW is like crackware, every time you come back there's a new
+          version...
+<isaac>   Who taught Kalenz (to throw fireballs)? 
+<C****ic> isaac: he discovered that himself, without expecting it. This first 
+           lesson burnt his hair, and that's the whole story behind his funky 
+           hair-dye. 
+<silene>  :) 
+<C****ic> Some mutter it would be a wig, but not too loud for fear of 
+           a fireball. 
+Some names have been partially obscured to prevent receiving fireballs...
+<silene> hmm... "there is a lake around here, with a bridge across it"; 
+          Wesnoth, the land where bridges are built across lakes instead of 
+On Striped Pants, Ogres, & Haldric:
+There was a tale that King Haldric once saved an Ogre Chieftain from death. 
The ogres noticed that Haldric was wearing rather fashionable striped pants. 
The ogres subsequently got the idea that wearing pants with stripes made them 
better and stronger. The reasoning was that if a 'puny' human could save an 
Ogre Chieftain wearing striped pants, an ogre in striped pants would be 
virtually unstoppable. The ogres of Wesnoth have worn striped pants to this day.
+I ran apt-get upgrade and instead of upgrading Wesnoth, it seems to have 
erased it off my system.
+<Insert Long Post Describing Problem>
+I imagine this will be fixed before too long. I certainly hope so. I am 
already going through withdrawl. /me goes to draw hexes on my kitchen floor, 
and pretend pieces of lint are orcs. --Glowing Fish
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