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[Weechat-support] New to WeeChat, Tutorials on iset script?

From: neon_ bikini
Subject: [Weechat-support] New to WeeChat, Tutorials on iset script?
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 14:31:24 +0000

I've installed the weechat package from Archlinux, because there looks like a lot of help docs. So, I find it strange I can't find more help for editing user preferences with the iset script. (example [1])

Will new users reply with more examples?
Otherwise I'll have to ask embarrassing questions like this,

I installed weechat and iset script with Archlinux [2]. I see the instructions at the top:

     alt + space: toggle,
     +/-: increase/decrease,
     enter: change,
     ir: reset,
     iu: unset,
     v: toggle help bar | Mouse: left: select,
     right: to[???]

Unfortunately these commands do not work the way I expect them to. For example, I added a server using the quick start [3] syntax:

     # /server add #someircboard irc.freenode.net

This produced a line in the iset list of properties and values:

     irc.server.#someircboard.nicks                  string   (undef)

I navigate the highlight to this line. This adds the instructions to the top of the list:

     irc.server.#drupal.nicks: nicknames to use on server (separated by comma) [default: ""]

and press enter (from enter : change). Nothing changed on the screen. No cursor color change. So I enter the text as described in the instructions:
     # "neon,neon1,neon2"

This produced these instructions at the top:

     *"neon,neon1,neon2"* | 1/0 | alt + space: toggle, +/-: increase/decrease, enter: change, ir: reset, iu: unset, v: toggle help bar | Mouse: left: >>
     No option selected. Set a new filter using command line (use '*' to see all options)

Enter and alt-enter don't seem to effect the iset variables. I've also combined using "/" before entering the string. I've tried it with and without the quotes. I can't edit the irc I added nor the preexisting values as described by the link [3]. Using that example, I find all entries with magenta, then press
    alt [shift +] [shift +]

But this only adds strange symbols to the "command line" and does not increase/decrease or scroll through any available options as the web page suggest.

Sorry for the long post. Just takes time to write this so it makes sense. 

[1]: http://pascalpoitras.com/2013/06/14/improve-weechat-by-using-script-iset/
[2]: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Weechat#Internal_menu-based
[3]: http://weechat.org/files/doc/stable/weechat_quickstart.en.html#create_irc_server


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