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Re: [Weechat-support] New to WeeChat, Tutorials on iset script?

From: Nils G
Subject: Re: [Weechat-support] New to WeeChat, Tutorials on iset script?
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 17:09:51 +0200
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Hello neon_bikini,

Am 31.07.2014 um 16:31 schrieb neon_ bikini:

> Hello,
> I've installed the weechat package from Archlinux, because there looks like a 
> lot of help
> docs. So, I find it strange I can't find more help for editing user 
> preferences with the
> iset script. (example [1])
You have /help for nearly every command/script/option.
So, give this command a try:
/help iset

> and press enter (from enter : change). Nothing changed on the screen. No 
> cursor color
> change. So I enter the text as described in the instructions:

> Enter and alt-enter don't seem to effect the iset variables. I've also 
> combined using "/"
Sounds like your terminal is eating your key strokes. Try with another terminal
emulation (recommended is rxvt)

> But this only adds strange symbols to the "command line" and does not 
> increase/decrease or
A screenshot would be fine.

> Sorry for the long post. Just takes time to write this so it makes sense. 
i recommend visiting us in freenode.#weechat


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