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[wdiff-bugs] Build problems fixed, please test for 0.5.4 release

From: Denver Gingerich
Subject: [wdiff-bugs] Build problems fixed, please test for 0.5.4 release
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 01:02:25 -0400

It appears that the build was failing because autoconf, automake,
aclocal, or some other utility was expecting certain files to have
certain timestamps or it would try re-generating and fail miserably or
just fail miserably without attempting to re-generate files.  I've
added some lines in the configure script to set the timestamps
correctly (yes, I know, it's ugly).  This will all be fixed when we
migrate to new versions of these tools.

The changes have been committed to CVS and I've bumped the version to
0.5.4-pre3.  This will hopefully be the last pre-release before 0.5.4.

Please test the current version in CVS to make sure it works properly.
Even if you test it and have no problems, I'd like to hear about it
(you can send me an e-mail directly if you'd rather not post to the

This will become the new stable version of wdiff if there are no
problems so please be brutal in your testing.  I want to make sure
we've got any bugs ironed out so that distribution maintainers can
start replacing wdiff 0.5 with 0.5.4 and have a high confidence that
it won't break anything.

Hopefully I'll push out 0.5.4 in the next week or two.


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