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Re: [wdiff-bugs] Problems making wdiff after updating to 0.5g

From: Denver Gingerich
Subject: Re: [wdiff-bugs] Problems making wdiff after updating to 0.5g
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 18:50:45 -0400

On 6/19/07, Denver Gingerich <address@hidden> wrote:
On 6/19/07, Karl Berry <address@hidden> wrote:
>     Perhaps not, but for some reason the stock wdiff-0.5g from Francois'
>     site builds fine using the same versions of automake and autoconf that
>     cause my 0.5.4-pre1 build to fail.  To me that means I'm doing
>     something wrong.
> Ah.  Well, I see your logic, but since the whole infrastructure is going
> to change with the advent of gnulib, to me it doesn't seem worth the
> time to track down.  Just move ahead ...
> Anyway, looking at the diff, it seems aclocal.m4 is the most likely
> culprit, which automake routinely updated (and so it is almost
> completely new).  If you copy in aclocal.m4 from 0.5g, does it work
> again?

I gave that a shot and it doesn't work, but I see now that I may have
messed up my tree a little bit.  In diffing aclocal.m4, I noticed that
it was very different than the 0.5g aclocal.m4.  I  think I
accidentally generated some new scripts with some invokation of
automake, autoconf, or aclocal, which overwrote the old scripts that
had been working before.  I will back out these changes and test

I backed out the changes (committed to CVS as 0.5.4-pre2), but I'm
still running into the same problems as I described in my original
post.  It would be nice if I could get this working since it's
essentially 0.5g, which builds fine, but if all else fails, I may have
to resort to updating the versions of automake/autoconf/aclocal it


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