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Re: [wdiff-bugs] Problems making wdiff after updating to 0.5g

From: Denver Gingerich
Subject: Re: [wdiff-bugs] Problems making wdiff after updating to 0.5g
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 17:39:22 -0400

On 6/19/07, Karl Berry <address@hidden> wrote:
Sorry, I don't have a direct answer, but my indirect answer is to update
the infrastructure to using current automake, autoconf, and start using
gnulib (which will definitely include realloc and gettext stuff) --
http://gnu.org/software/gnulib.  GNU Hello might be a usable starting

That's first on my list of priorities after getting 0.5g properly
integrated into the CVS tree.

jm_FUNC_REALLOC hasn't been a current autoconf macro for years ...

Perhaps not, but for some reason the stock wdiff-0.5g from Francois'
site builds fine using the same versions of automake and autoconf that
cause my 0.5.4-pre1 build to fail.  To me that means I'm doing
something wrong.


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