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Re: Using Texinfo Extension on Windows

From: CismonX
Subject: Re: Using Texinfo Extension on Windows
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2021 02:29:27 +0800
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I just update to 0.2.2, now my solution doesn't work anymore

I took a look at your script. The script is trying to convert native Windows 
paths to WSL paths.
Windows accept both slash and backslash as directory separator, but the script 
can only recognize backslash.

The v0.2.2 update of the extension converts all backslashes in the path of 
input file to slashes, as the
Windows build of GNU Texinfo seems buggy when passing paths with backslashes to 

Maybe that's the reason why your script doesn't work anymore.


What I couldn't get to work is to have issues listed in the "Problems" window

That is a confirmed bug.

The extension generates diagnostic information by parsing the output of 
but it does not properly recognize Windows paths because of the backslashes.
Also it doesn't work with GNU Texinfo 6.8, as makeinfo no longer outputs the 
fully qualified path,
only the filename.

This bug should be fixed in the upcoming v0.2.3 release.


Though there's one important bit that doesn't seem to work, not even when running VS Code on Linux: it's the sync with the preview position.

This feature only works with the `@node` command.

By convention, when we write a `@chapter` or `@section`, we put a `@node` line 
before it.
However, FFmpeg's documentation doesn't seem to follow that convention.

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