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Re: Using Texinfo Extension on Windows

From: CismonX
Subject: Re: Using Texinfo Extension on Windows
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2021 02:45:51 +0800
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> May I ask how you were testing the extension on Windows as the code seems to have appropriate distinction between win32 and Linux platforms?

When testing this extension on Windows, I use Cygwin's build of GNU Texinfo.

First, install Cygwin, and add texinfo when the setup manager prompts you to select packages.

Next, create a CMD script containing the following command:

    @C:\cygwin64\bin\perl.exe C:\cygwin64\bin\makeinfo %*

Finally, change VSCode configuration option `texinfo.makeinfo` to the path of that CMD script.

The preview feature should now work as expected.

Note: Please update to the v0.2.2 release of this extension. There was a bug which breaks the preview feature on Windows.

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