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Re: [Vrs-development] Goldwater / VRS irc log

From: Eric Altendorf
Subject: Re: [Vrs-development] Goldwater / VRS irc log
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 18:05:28 -0700

Sorry -- my mail program has been a bit funky lately and I guess I didn't see 
this reply.  I just downloaded goldwater 0.2.5a beta and I'll take a look at 
it, including tserver.c ... I'll let you know in a few days.


On Wednesday 15 May 2002 02:45, Chris Smith wrote:
> Well I thought I'd put feelers out to get a handle on what is possible.  I
> think we've agreed that a Java API should be possible, and I though that
> seeing as this is part of the dotGNU effort, and dotGNU will be using C# in
> the main, being able to write the VRS in C# or Java or C/C++ or perl might
> be rather funky.
> Have you downloaded Goldwater yet?
> I'd be interested in your comments on the example server tserver.c....
> ie how it's built and executed and the API used, and how you think a Java
> version would build, be executed, consume memory (VM being present too) and
> an angle on what the API 'should' look like from a Java point of view.
> I've been up til 1am the last few nights ripping chunks out of Goldwater
> and putting them back in with gold leaf..... Domains are coming! Yay! Yay!
> Chris

"First they ignore you.  Then they laugh at you.
 Then they fight you.  And then you win."             -Gandhi

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