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Re: [Vrs-development] Goldwater / VRS irc log

From: Chris Smith
Subject: Re: [Vrs-development] Goldwater / VRS irc log
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 10:45:13 +0100

On Wednesday 15 May 2002 02:15, Eric Altendorf wrote:
> On Monday 13 May 2002 04:57, Chris Smith wrote:
> > Log of IRC chat which discussed what Goldwater is and does WRT dotGNU and
> > the VRS.
> >
> > May be of interest for those wondering where GW fits into the VRS design
> > and how.
> >
> > http://dotgnu.voxel.net/~andrew/logs/dotgnu/dotgnu-2002-05-12.log
> OK ... so, I saw mention in there of writing a C# application-level API for
> GW.  Are you still interested in a Java wrapper too?  Let me know, I'm
> available to do that if you like.

Well I thought I'd put feelers out to get a handle on what is possible.  I 
think we've agreed that a Java API should be possible, and I though that 
seeing as this is part of the dotGNU effort, and dotGNU will be using C# in 
the main, being able to write the VRS in C# or Java or C/C++ or perl might be 
rather funky.

Have you downloaded Goldwater yet?
I'd be interested in your comments on the example server tserver.c....
ie how it's built and executed and the API used, and how you think a Java 
version would build, be executed, consume memory (VM being present too) and 
an angle on what the API 'should' look like from a Java point of view.

I've been up til 1am the last few nights ripping chunks out of Goldwater and 
putting them back in with gold leaf..... Domains are coming! Yay! Yay!


Chris Smith
  Technical Architect - netFluid Technology Limited.
  "Internet Technologies, Distributed Systems and Tuxedo Consultancy"
  E: address@hidden  W: http://www.nfluid.co.uk

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