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Re: [Vrs-development] VRS development language

From: Bill Lance
Subject: Re: [Vrs-development] VRS development language
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 18:05:23 -0700 (PDT)

--- Eric Altendorf <address@hidden> wrote:

> However, I'm glad you brought up the issue of safety
> in terms of security.  
> Most security problems are due to bugs in the
> software, and the fewer bugs 
> the software has, the more secure it will likely be.
>  In particular, buffer 
> overrun bugs, one of the most common security flaws,
> generally just can't 
> happen in Java or C#.

That most likely has been the case in the past.  But I
really think that the most threatening security flaws
that we will face in the future will be by design, not
by error.  Of course, the bugs you point to will not
go away and anything that will help will be
appreciated.  We just have to develop a way of doing
so that does not relinquish the design of our systems
to agencies with an agenda.

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