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[Vrs-development] VRS development language

From: Eric Altendorf
Subject: [Vrs-development] VRS development language
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 16:12:03 -0700

This is a question I'm afraid to ask, since I believe I know what the answer 
will be, and because I really don't want to start a flame war.  But....

What language(s) are we using to implement VRS?

I assume most of you are assuming it will be written in C...  Is anyone 
interested in using a safer language (Java, C#, etc)?  I'd like to help with 
coding, but I personally am not going to invest time in adding more lines of 
C code to the world and to future developers and maintainers. :-) 

Would it be possible to separate various aspects of the VRS system into 
things that need to be coded at a system level in C and things that could be 
coded at a higher level in a safe language?

Maybe, as an alternative, various parts and aspects of the VRS system could 
be defined in a specification, for which there could be C implementations as 
well as Java implementations...may the best implementation win...etc. :-)



"First they ignore you.  Then they laugh at you.
 Then they fight you.  And then you win."             -Gandhi

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