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[Vrs-development] Re: interested in the project

From: Bill Lance
Subject: [Vrs-development] Re: interested in the project
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 16:30:55 -0800 (PST)

--- ashish mohole <address@hidden> wrote:
> Bill,
> The idea is really intriguing.
> I guess to start with I can focus on the cluster
> management area.  Also the 
> distributive repository seems very exciting area to
> work on.

Great!  Glad to have you with us.

At this stage, we are still writing specs for the
system.  The Cluster Manager still has a lot of work
to do on it.  This includes refining the functions of
the thing thru method api interfaces thru its
necessary levels.  But much of the general Cluster
management strategy and basic logic also needs to be
refined first.

I'd suggest that you read through the docs and start
talking on the list about the areas that need to be
clearer or need to be expanded on.

Once we get enough of the specs nailed, we will start
a perl prototype.

> I have subscribed to the VRS mailing list. Please
> note, this is my first 
> open source project so I am not very familiar with
> the working of these 
> groups so initially you have to show me the way.

welcome to the club.  My first one too.  I think we
are all feeling our way forward.

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